It was a beautiful afternoon in Nipomo, and all was well with the world.  Until...   5 PM, the Simons barn when the best and the beautiful of Nipomo Rotary started arriving to applaud, bless themselves and be thankful for the removal of our current dictator, the X president formerly know as Ingmar.  Fun was had by all with Sheriff Simons and at least 6 deputies keeping a vigilant accounting of the movements of our former fallen President.  After a great dinner and a few libations during the evening the "Step Down" officially started with the arrest of the varmint Ingmar.  Nipomo is certainly not south of Pecos, we do however have a hanging Judge, a prosecutor, a sheriff, a Nun in a brown bear suit and of course the defense lawyer, our very own young and vibrant new president Cathy.  As an unbiased observer, I have to say Cathy was no less than hot in her boots.   I digresses.  As the crowd was calling for the lynching of the hand cuffed rascal Ingmar, cooler heads prevailed and X president Ingmar is still with us today, it was a close decision though and will probably be debated for years to come.

Take a look at the pics on the net, thanks to Guy 

 For those not in attendance, you missed a great party and send off of President Ingmar, his emotional hand shake with the X First Lady brought tears to, well, I'm sure brought tears someone's eyes.