Hello Rotarians,

What a great meeting this morning!

I can personally say that when our club hands over a 3000.00 check to an organization that helps our wounded active military soldiers, we should all feels good inside.
These solders paid the ultimate price for protecting our freedom and we are all in debt to them.

Special thanks to Van Curaza and John O'Connell of Operation Surf, for all you do to help our wounded solders heal.

What a great organization!

I would like to re-cap a little on this past weekends Hospice Hoedown BBQ.

Paul Teixeira did a wonderful job organizing the event and we fed 350+ people!

We had 22 members plus a few spouses show up to work the event and it was truly a wonderful day! Great job Nipomo Rotary!

Special thanks to Bill Pucciarelli for feeding all the members lunch. Boy there was some hungry vultures around the pit when it came time to eat. Great food Bill!

I would also like to thank Colette for jumping in her car and making an emergency "chicken run" to Morro Bay. We might have suffered a pecking from the crowd if we ran out of chicken! Good call Chicken Anderson, I mean Jim.

We also learned a valuable lesson.
Jim Mills should have been properly trained in how to slice bread BEFORE cutting off his finger.
But somehow his finger grew back by this morning. Could Jim be part lizard?

Two last notes.

This Saturday we will be having a roadside cleanup at 8:00AM. Meet in the Jocko's parking lot and Jim Mills will give you your assignment.

The board meeting date has been changed to Monday August 20th at 5:30PM at my house.

Have a great weekend!

Your President