Two clubs in Korea have set stellar examples for how to achieve the ambitious membership goal set by RI President Dong Kurn Lee this year. 

The Rotary clubs of Gwangju-Ibseog in Gwangju and Iri Dong in Jeonrabug held activities outside of club meetings to reach potential -- and in some cases, younger -- members. Both clubs exceeded their membership goals for the 2007-08 Rotary year.

The Gwangju-Ibseog club nearly doubled its membership, from 69 to 132 members. During 2007-08, club president Sang Kwon Kim emphasized the importance of recruiting new members at every meeting. He asked members to promote Rotary to other organizations they were affiliated with, such as chambers of commerce. Once qualified candidates were identified, the entire club pitched in to support recruiting efforts. Members who brought in three or more new members received special recognition. 

The club also targeted younger members by organizing with golf and hiking groups. Informal fellowship events held after weekly meetings provided an additional opportunity for members to bond.

Focus on fellowship

With a similar focus on fellowship, the Iri Dong club grew from 112 to 152 members in 2007-08. Club leadership sponsored committees dedicated to golf, soccer, hiking, and other athletics.

Both clubs also encouraged members to participate in each other's family events, such as weddings, to promote unity. 

"It is not easy to manage a club with 132 members," Kim says. "However, with the help from past presidents and members, we continue to develop new management techniques for larger clubs. It was a very rewarding year."

Lee aims to increase membership worldwide from 1.2 to 1.3 million members in 2008-09.