Good morning Ladies and Gents,
I hope everyone had a great meeting yesterday!! Here are the FUN items from the meeting:
  1. We learned about the difference between District Assembly and District Conference.
  1. We featured one of our great members: Roger Ridley, as he shared some of his life story in selling hot dogs and sodas, and eating all the hot dogs and sodas he wanted, while working! He also shared his philosophy of ‘being a jack of all trades and a master of none.’
  1. We all learned how to share one of the posts on our Facebook application!  Hopefully this will allow you to share your experiences with other friends that may not be Rotarians, and they will get to see how you are involved and engaged in giving to your community!
  1. We had some great Brags for Serving Humanity!  Happy birthday to Al! We appreciate the continued giving, as we all know our donations go to a great cause of serving humanity!  Just imagine the possibilities of who we could touch in our community with those brags!
  1. Club Announcements- BBQ  August 13, 2016, this weekend to help Rudy Stowell (Kat’s husband) with Jack’s Helping Hand.  UPCOMING BOARD MEETING:  August 16, 2016 at the Nipomo Chamber Office- Conference Room, 5:30pm.  NIGHT OUT- August 17, 2016 at Willow, 5:30pm (We are dark this morning=no morning meeting).
  1. Then we had a local PG&E specialist, John Lindsey, speak on behalf of PG&E and the future of Diablo Canyon!  Along with Jim Anderson winning a free breakfast from the sock drawing!!
Next week, we will have a great time at Willow in Nipomo, 5:30pm, right off Willow and Pomeroy!  (DON’T FORGET TO RSVP!)
Have an amazing week!!!
Jeremy Moreno, AAI
Vice President, Risk Advisor