President Ed Harris's 23 meeting started with John Brantingham stating " the president admits everyone wants to live forever but nobody wants to get old."
Kenneth gave the invocation.
Jerry lead us in our pledge of allegiance to the flag.
Roger Ridley was there to give us "THIS DAY IN HISTORY"
He regaled us with Historic facts starting in 1804 with Napoleon clear up to 1998 with bill Gates donating a million immunizations.
Bill Puccurelli talked about Rotary geography.
Ron Willis bragged about his sons birthday
Mary Mylan bragged about a large family gathering in a rented house for their annual Thanksgiving gathering.
Roger bragged that one of his grandsons celebrated his 17th birthday.
Our guest Speaker was Ron Traner a volunteer from High Cap and he gave us in depth information on what it takes to successfully enroll for Medicare.