Ed Harris presided over his 8th meeting as President.
John Brantingham introduced him and Ken Shadle lead us in Prayer.
Peggy Hesse lead us in our Pledge of Allegiance.
Community Service Report:
Jim Harrison discussed the discontinued Food Distribution Program.
*Road Clean up signs have been purchased and installed on Thompson Road.
*Center Divider Clean up on Tefft Road.
* Smoke detectors replacement for those unable to do the task can be performed by Cal Fire.
*Washer & Dyer was installed at the Lopez Continuation School. This was accomplished with a District Grant and in cooperation with the 5 Cities Eco Club.
Roger Ridley bragged about the birth of his daughter in 1971.
Harry Walls disappointed grandson has started his College education from home!
Peggy bought a house for her kids to live in and she made sure it had an extra bedroom for her visits.
Jim Harrison bragged about his son having a Birthday.
Cees reported on the successful Nipomo Blood drive with 42 donors.
Peters wife had surgery and at the time of the meeting her condition was unknown. At least 2 members followed up and we are happy to report that she is recovering nicely from her 2nd Carotid surgery this year.
Step up to Rotary is a good way to give as the Gates Foundation match your contribution 3x.
Jim Harrisons son is recovering from a Heart Attack.
Mario is leading the clean up team 9/12/20 in front of Vons at 7am. He can use our help.
Guest Speaker Nick Thompson of NKT Commercial spoke about his plans for the new residential development in Nipomo known as the Dana Reserve. A 280 acre parcel with a master planned community which is envisioned to capture the essence of the Central Coast. Living Simply - Working Locally.
He discussed water and how it will be obtained, used and returned.
It was an interesting talk with numerous questions to follow. For more information go to LiveDanaReserve.com