President Kelly Ricker opened our virtual rotary meeting this Wednesday with many members attending.  This virtual stuff is gaining popularity!  I saw many smiling Rotarians and Jim Ramaker’s breakfast looked yummy! 
Ed Harris reviewed an article from the Rotarian Magazine centered around diversity, equity and inclusion and how these three concepts are inter-related.    Thanks Ed.  Following Ed was Roger Ridley with his Moment in History.  Unfortunately, many tragedies occurred on this day (April 15th): 
1865:  Abe Lincoln was assassinated
1912:  The Titanic sank
2013:  Boston Marathon bombing
2019:  Fired destroyed much of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral
But Roger always leaves us on a positive note:  
1452:  Leonardo Da Vinci was born
1765:  First English language dictionary
1892:  GE Corporation was formed
1923:  Insulin was invented to help those with diabetes
1947:  Jackie Robinson makes his major league debut with the Dodgers
Thank you, Roger! 
Our speaker today was Mr. Wade Nomura, Past District Governor, member of the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning and a friend to our club.  One of his many accomplishments is he is the current Mayor of Carpinteria. 
His topic was the Coronavirus Epidemic and although on the surface, seemingly a common topic today, his presentation was unique.  His approach was from the perspective of a Rotarian, local business owner and political leader.  He dove into many useful details and the highlights encompassed questions in four major areas:  1) Member engagement – how can we keep members engaged during this time?                2) Community impact – how can rotary clubs reach out and help our communities and local businesses? 3) Post isolation – what will rotary clubs do, how can we restructure and how do we inform the community we’re back?  4) Future strategy – what’s changed and what will rotary clubs do in the future?
Very thoughtful and thought-provoking presentation that will help our club navigate through this difficult time and come out on the other side stronger.  Thank you Wade!