The Rotary Club of Nipomo enjoyed a fun-filled breakfast meeting hosting the "Not So Newly Wed Game" the day after Valentine's Day!!!



                                                                                                                                            Winning Couple:  Cees & Ilona

 Cees whispering "sweet nothings" to Ilona!?

Our contestants were carefully chosen to participate in the Not So Newly Wed Game (. . . okay, so they were the only three couples crazy enough to say "Yes").    With close to 100 years of marriage combined amongst the three couples, it was interesting to learn how much they knew about their spouses  . . . or NOT!

It was definitely a close game . . . at one point, the score was dead even for all three couples.  A surprising finish was made by Cees & Ilona who were able to match their answers on the final question to win the title!!!

A big "Thank You" to our couples:  Harry (Rotarian) & Jackie Walls, Peggy (Rotarian) & Peter Hesse, and Cees (Rotarian) & Ilona Dobbe for being such good sports . . . and for being so entertaining!

Some of the hilarious answers (as recalled by your President):

"Bastard Thieves"
"She doesn't cook - so she doesn't have a meal worthy of being the worst"