Hello Fellow Rotarians,


Wow, what a ride we are on with Paul's BBQ, what a great experience.


We are busy planning, organizing and getting ready for PT BBQ DAY on the 27th


Cathy Cachu suggested we all wear Hawaiian shirts that day and I think that is a great idea.

Cathy and Ken Whittle are coordinating the volunteers so if you have not already contacted them about your availability , please do so.


Right now we have over 1,450 BBQ tickets in circulation.

A lot of those have been sold and for part of those I have already received the money.


So now I need your help for our BBQ team to get as best of an estimate by Thursday how many tickets we really have sold, how many we did not and also how many of the tickets were sold but in your best estimate they will not show up to redeem them......


So at tomorrow morning's meeting I will be there earlier (what am I saying.....) and I would like the following from you

·         An account of how many tickets you have sold so far together with the ticket numbers

·         Money for the tickets that you have received so far (corresponding with the ticket numbers) I don’t need to know exactly who bought a specific ticket but I would like to know what money represents what range of numbers.

·         Give me your best estimate of the number of tickets you have sold where people informed you that they will for sure not redeem them



There is still a lot of week left before PT BBQ DAY so we can still sell more tickets

If you know of people/organizations that need tickets let me know and one way or another we will get them there.

Obviously if you need tickets yourself you can get those from me anytime or at tomorrow morning’s meeting


Let us continue on this wild ride J


Rotarily yours,



Cees Dobbe


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