Posted by Kat Stowell on Sep 01, 2017
This month I am proposing that our club builds a Little Free Library and place it in front of the Chamber of Commerce. I have met with a few of our members and I have started looking for used materials that we can build with. Habitat for Humanity has some amazing things that with a little imagination we can transform into our Little Library. Once our project is finished we will be asking each of our members to bring a book to put into the Library. 
Another project we will be doing is planting a tree for every member. The date for this project is October 14 at the Nipomo Regional park. One of the Girl Scout Troops here in Nipomo will be helping us in this project. If you feel that you are not able to help plant your tree, I am asking that you find a family member to possibly plant yours. These trees will be coastal live oaks most likely one gallon in size so small enough to plant ourselves. We will need to put screening around the roots to protect them. Cages and large post to protect them above ground. So please mark your calendars for October 14 starting around 9:00am. 
A project that really needs to be finished is the bricks in front of the Rotary Bandstand. I have about 6 more bricks that need to be printed and placed in the ground. This may end up being a rather large project from the looks of it. I was there the other day and noticed the sand that was holding the bricks in place has mostly blown away and some bricks have been lifted up. There are weeds that need to be cleaned out as well. We will need to cover the printed bricks with tape so it is easier to mortar the bricks in. If at all possible, maybe some of us can be working on the Bandstand while some of us are planting. Just a thought. It is a lot to do but it needs to get finished. 
I have to say that this is the part of Rotary I enjoy the most and understand it may not be yours. All I ask is that you help out in some way. Thank you all for being the Best Club on the Central Coast!!
Reminder that this month we will start having our once a month evening meeting at Black Lake. Meeting will be on September 27th at 6:00pm to 7:30pm.