Time marches on! It is President Ed Harris's 30th meeting.
John Brantingham mused that the definition of PUT is to place something where you want it to be. And the definition of PUTT is the same.....
Kenneth lead us in prayer.
Walter Con lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Roger Ridley  regaled us with some very historical facts.
Bill Puccirelli had some interesting facts with his Rotary Minute.
The first 2 years the Rotary Clubs purpose was 
(1) Friendship
(2) Business reciprocity
Jim Harrison celebrated another grand childs birthday
Kelly bragged about the beautiful plaque created and presented to her from Kat Stowell for her year of service to the club as President
George Dubois bragged about Felix's 6th birthday
Harry Walls bragged it was his 17th year as a member of the Nipomo Rotary Club!
Jim Lewis bragged that "he is here!"
Roger Ridley bragged to the fact that he got carded for the first time in years.
Mario announced the Teft Street Cleanup but please note due to inclement weather that has been changed to a later date
Kelly Ricker announced it was time for the Four Way Test Essays and she needs volunteers to read them.
Guest speaker Jim Lewis returns with a in-depth presentation on Polio  Past Present Future.
The fact filled morning is made even more poignant due to Jim having had polio himself as a child. He is a passionate promotor on the eradication of this virulent virus.
We learned about polio history and the Rotary involvement in putting an end to this terrible disease.
He let os know during the course of the talk that even after treatment the survivors need help with such things as surgery, wheel chairs, training, education.