President Ed Harris presided over his 4th Rotary meeting Wednesday July 22, 2020
John introduced Ed with a quote from Napoleon Hill "More gold is mined from the thoughts of men than the earth"
A beautiful sentiment and so apropos as our guest speaker would be speaking on the history of the Gold Coast of Africa.
Ken Shadle lead us in prayer.
Roger lead us in our Pledge of Allegiance.
Roger Ridley bragged about his wife Christine's recent Birthday and he celebrated the occasion with an Electric Boat ride on Morro Bay.
George Dubois shared with us his wife Mary had a birthday.
Odell bragged Nora had a birthday.
Bill Pucirelli bragged that his daughter was pregnant and he would soon have 11 grandchildren!
Peggy bragged she was leaving the meeting early.
Ken White bragged that he and his wife Zoomed with family overseas on the occasion of the birth of a grand baby.
Please remember we are not Zoom meeting next Wednesday.Instead we will be gathering in small groups at members homes for Happy Hour.
Contact Judy if you are interested in attending.
Committee Reports:
 Bruce Beaudoin  spoke at length on the Rotary Foundation and the excellent work they accomplish in the world dealing with such things but not limited to peace, clean water, health and education.
He reminded us to keep abreast of all the activities by logging into Rotary .org and My
Guest speaker was notable Nipomo resident Dr. Herbert Cole Professor Emeritus at UC Santa Barbara. His topic was Royal Arts Of Africa in Ghana. Focusing on Gold and Textiles.
His topic was a subject near and dear to his heart and one that he is amply qualified to speak about as he is the author of 11 books and 60 articles having curated 12 exhibitions including the Smithsonian and the L.A. Museum of Art. Dr. Cole has spent considerable time in Africa doing his research.
He let us know that Ghana a country about the size of New England with the population of Texas has a rich history with art, textiles and gold.
Because the country historically had no written script and the general population was illiterate the kingdom employed Moslems to keep written records for the King.
Europeans began arriving with the Portuguese leading the way in 1480 in search of the gold.
We were able to see multiple examples on screen of the beautiful art and textile of the region and as Professor Cole wove the history and sacredness of gold to the people of Ghana.
Today Ghana is a democracy and free of European rule.
After a few questions our meeting came to an end but not before Ken White was awarded a Rotary Mask for having the most lucrative brag.