Dear Members,

Last Saturday night at the District 5240 Awards and Recognition dinner our club not only won the Governors Gold Club of Distinction but for the first time in history, our club won the Best Overall Small Club in the District!
Way to go Rotary Club of Nipomo!
We should all be proud of our accomplishments this last year in serving our community.

In reflection, I encourage you to take a few minutes and scroll thru the meeting pictures from this last year on our Clubrunner page.

My goal as President was to not only to continue providing and supporting all of the services our club has done in the past but to make sure that we were having fun while doing so.
I think the pictures support my effort.

We have a great club and I thank all of you for your dedication and efforts this past year.

It is so hard at this time to reflect when we have suffered such a great loss with the passing of Paul Teixeira.
The healing process has begun but it will take a long time to fill the void left in our hearts.      


He lived it.
Now we must carry on the torch.