Ed Harris presided over the meeting.
According to John Brantingham "Golf is like life...out of one whole and into another"
Kenneth prayed.
Next week there will be no morning meeting as we will have the Step Doen dinner that evening at the Dana Adobe
Still waiting on Butterfly Grill to become fully staffed before we can resume our meetings there
Ken Shaddell married 63 years!
John Brantingham's daughter is visiting.
Peggy Hesse has a daughter and grand daughter visiting
Bill Piccirelli has a daughter visiting.
Mike Madden  over seeing up coming car show. September 25 & 26
Mike gave us his history and an over view of the up coming car show and its purpose to assist the Nipomo Food Basket.
He reminded us tickets go on sale 7/25 for the multi course dinner and live music.
there will be upwards to 5000 participants and several venues for food and drink in addition to the carefully curated automobiles on display.
It looks like a fantastic event. See you all there except Roger Ridley.