The first meeting of 2021 and President Ed Harris's 28th meeting. 
Ed Brantingham started the meeting with the amusing quip "No need to make a New Year resolution because he knows that it goes in one year and out the other"
Invocation was lead by Kenneth.
Lou Gomez lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roger ( play ball!) Ridley filled our heads with great historical facts. Starting almost a thousand years ago from 1066 with the inauguration of King Harold up to Elvis Presley on on his 7th and final appearance on the Ed sullivan show.
Rotary Minute by none other than Mr. Bill Puccireeli who spoke about the very first Rotary meeting with just 4 men in attendance.
Their first project was a public restroom in City Hall.
They started with no dues only 50 cent fines.
Members were quite braggadocios today!
Logan turns 7 years old according to Roger
Kat Stowell has started a new business
Harry Walls spent Christmas with a large number of family members.
Mary Mylans granddaughter just circled the earth one more time.
Mario Iglesias has two sons and both are now Lt. Colonels!
Jim Harris has a granddaughter that is starting college.
Bruce Beaudoin had a great brag but sadly I wrote to slow to record it.
Walter had a brag also.
Bill had us sing Happy Birthday to Mary Mylan
none   nada  zip
Rich Van Houten  gave us a presentation on his organization " Shower the People".
It is a mobile shower trailer taken to different locations so homeless can take a shower.
Not only a refreshing warm shower but a pair of underpants and socks.
If needed they also provide feminine hygiene products
oral hygiene products
hand sanitizers