Another Wednesday another Rotary meeting on Zoom.
This is Ed Harris's 47th meeting but he was vacationing so Mr. Harry Walls conducted our meeting.
Harry noted that" It wasn't a sign of good sportsmanship in golf to pick up lost balls....before they stopped rolling!"
Ken prayed for us.
The pledge was recited.
ROTARY MINUTE by Bill Puccurelli
Polio...only 2 known cases of wild polio known to be in the world.
Mario reminded us donuts were for the taking on June 6th at 7:30 on Tefft street with the simple caveat....You gotta earn them! See you there!
Mario bragged no recent law suits to the late district.
John Brantingham has a grand daughter that graduated from Allen Hancock with 2 degrees.
Bill Puccurelli bragged it was Bruce Beaudoins birthday
Cees bragged that hip pup just had his parts snipped!
Guest Speaker Kerri Burns from Santa Barbara Humane gave an excellent presentation on all the services her organization provides for the pets in our community.
The impressive array of services include:
Veterinary care
Dog Training
Pet Food Pantry