Today President Ed Harris presided over his 11th meeting of Rotary of Nipomo.
John Brantingham introduced Ed with the quip "remembering college as great because you could write a check for 39 cents and bounce it!'
We had Monzur as a guest again today. Welcome back!
Ken Shadle gave thanks and prayed for strength during these trying time and for our firefighters safety.
Bill Puccirelli  lead us in our Pledge of Allegiance.
"Conversations with Harry"
Mr Harry Walls in his continuing series interviewed club member Ken White.
An interesting story of Ken's life from childhood turmoil to successful businessman. A life of love and pain of wine collecting and parenting.
Thank you for sharing Ken!
Ken White is a proud dad of a very successful son in the Finance World recently recognized by Forbes magazine as top 40 under 40.
Lou Gomez bragged that her grandson just celebrated his 23 birthday.
Peggy Hesse was proud to announce her sons 39th birthday.
Gerald bragged about none other than President Harris replacing his long cherished mug that was recently broken.
Bruce Beaudoin spoke of his continuing success with his current avocado harvest despite the extreme heat.
Harry bragged That this is a day he always remembers from his working days as it is a day he always got to take off!
George wanted to remind us if we want a donut we need to show up and support the Teffi Street cleanup this coming Saturday 9/12/2020
Ed reminded us the scheduled Board Meeting will be on a new date.
Bill let us know we need to step up and help man the Voter Service Center from 10/31 through 11/3.
Today's guest speaker:
Ken Walthers of Hancock College spoke today on the history and successes on this their 100 Year Anniversary.
He talked by poverty and the high rate of High School dropouts in the area and the college's successful Promise Program to help educate and thereby raise the standard of living of the local population.
They are able to show potential students through tours all the potential opportunities and that What you want to do Hancock is the answer.
The talk ended with questions and answers.