President Ed Harris presided over his 2nd meeting Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.
John gave his usual warm and humorous introduction.
Kenneth lead us in prayer.
Lee Baggett lead the group in the pledge to our flag.
Something new! It looks like every other week we will be listening to: 
"Conversations with Mr Walls" 
Harry Walls introduced us to long time member Jim Harrison. Jim told us about his involvement and love of horses.
His favorite steed would be his trusty Rocky Mountain horses of which he currently has two. It was a fascinating look into Jim's life here in Nipomo and all the good works he has done here in the County over the years with the group "RIDE NIPOMO". I think we all learned something from his talk and appreciate Jim being in our club.
The subject of the food distribution program was discussed. Help is needed on Tuesday and Wednesdays for about 2 hours each day.
If you are able and willing please know that you will be lifting and carrying multiple produce boxes that weigh 45 pounds and lifting 50# sacks of potatoes.
After our Brags we moved to our guest speaker.
John Anderson formerly from the Treasury Department/Criminal Division talked to us about some of the exciting and meaningful work over the years dealing with such things as money laundering, narcotics & DEA agents.
He gave an in-depth talk on the Lindbergh Kidnapping and the time and effort looking at such minor details to finally solve the crime and bring justice to such a sad needless crime.
The meeting from a technological aspect went much smoother and we all look forward to a service filled year.