Zooming into his 17th meeting as President, Ed Harris stationed at Quintessa Coffee Roasters in Oceano conducted the weekly Rotary gathering.
John introduced Ed and then Ken Shadle guided our thoughts to the divine and asked for blessings from above.
Roger Ridley gave us interesting tidbits with his presentation of TODAY IN HISTORY
Starting in 1492 with Columbus sailing the ocean blue up to 1980 and the Phillies winning the World Series baseball game.
Speaking of history Mr. Bill Puccirelli told of the story of Rotary Club in Havana Cuba. Starting in 1916 with the establishment of the  first club and by 1957 there were 60 clubs on the Island.
Sadly none exist there today as Rotary International dissolved the membership of the Island residents because they did not agree with the form of government established after the Revolution.
Time for some Braggs!
Peggy Hess bragged that the first meeting with her estate planning attorney was complementary. So she gave a little to Rotary in return.
Jim Harrison announced his granddaughter just gave birth. Apparently this isn't his first one as it sounds like he has enough grand children to start his own Rotary Club
Ed Harrison thanked Kelly for helping him Zoom the meeting from Quintessa Coffee Roasters.
The demise of Bill Bettancourt's wife has been greatly exaggerated. Last reported she is alive and well. 
Jim Harrison reported on the BBQ trailer.
Thanks Giving is fast approaching and decisions need to be made on plans for helping.
Kat discussed BBQing all the turkeys in lieu of oven baked this year.
We were encouraged to continue selling Raffle tickets.
This years virtual conference will be virtual. Some interesting speakers are lined up so be sure to register.
Our guest speakers were the owner and head Roaster from Quintessa Coffee in Oceano.
Owner Daniel explained his passion for coffee and walked us through the whole process with an occasional asset from Jack the roaster to make a great cup from procurement of the beans  to the roasting process to cupping to selling the beans. An excellent product and an asset to our community. The business emphasis is on wholesale production but they are open to the public for a great cup of aromatic coffee or a bag of beans for home use.