This mornings meeting was conducted by past President Kelly Richter as President Ed Harris is assisting the PGA tournament in Torrey Pines.
Invocation by Ken Shaddel
George Dubois lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance 
On this day in history by Roger Ridley
From Abraham Lincolns House Divided Speech in 1858 to a space plane on a 469 day mission.
Rotary Minute by Kelly
6/26/21 BBQ cancelled
Step Down Dinner  on 6/30/21 at Dana Adobe
Lou Gomez grand daughter had a birthday
George Dubois bragged that his culinary skills include such delectables as over cooked Mac & cheese and burned meatballs mmmm
Walter Con bragged
Harry Walls grandson had a birthday and is off to college at Chico State.
SPEAKER Brett Burchett fron SLO Farm Bureau
Interesting over view of SLO counties agriculture and it numerous cash crops.
strawberries      cattle
grapes               cauliflower
broccoli             cut flowers
avocados           head lettuce
He discussed the regulatory burdens
The care taken of workers and cannibis conflicts
Insightful and educational talk that held our attention.