John Brantingham opened President Ed Harris's 48th meeting.
Ken Shaddell lead the invocation.
Walter Con lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
This Day in History by Roger Ridley was on a single sole subject. Memorial Day.
He talked about the origins of this holiday and how it has progressed through the decades as a remembrance to fallen soldiers from the horror and rapacity of war.
6/6/21 Teft Street Cleanup 7:30 A.M.
Kat sent out invitation/signup sheet for Ed Harris step down on 6/30/21
Bruce Beaudoin birthday
Lou Gomez got a new car
Peggy Hess daughter had a birthday
Walter Con's twin grandchildren celebrated their 5th birthday.
Jim Harrison's grandson and great grand daughter had a birthday
George Dubois enjoyed time with family in Cambria.
Judge Bruce Einhorn addressed our group and spoke at length about the Supreme Court.
He reminded us that since its inception the number of Justices has increased and it was possible to see further changes in the future.
He talked about its importance especially with domestic policy.