Wednesday February 3, 2021 Ed Harris presided over his 32nd meeting of Rotary Club of Nipomo.
John Brantingham questions "Why call it raw sewage? Do people cook that stuff?"
Kenneth lead us in prayer.
Roger Ridley lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Announcement was made that Rotarians are encouraged to volunteer with the county for needed work at the Vaccine sites.
Super Bowl Pool was announced.
Lou Gomez's granddaughter had a birthday.
Mario Iglesia bragged he was doing clean up work on Teft Sunday morning 2/7/21 at 7am and encouraged us to join him especially with the lure of donuts.
Harry Walls received a Covid vaccination.
Peggy bragged she had a Super Bowl Sunday
Jim Harrison bragged his great grand child celebrated a birthday,
Walter Con free at last! free at last! He so enjoyed retirement the first time he thought he would give it a try again. Bets are being taken on how long it will last.
Roger Ridley gave us This day in history
Bill Puccirlli for his Rotary Minute gave us a great Buddy Holly story.
Guest Speaker:
Peter Sevik from the Nipomo CSD gave us an in depth view of the workings of the sewer system.