Another Zoom meeting for Rotary Club of Nipomo.
This meeting is President Ed Harris's 18th of his term.
John Brantingham assured us that our President WOULD NOT pose the question to our guest speaker " if you were to arrest a mime would you remind him that he had the right to stay silent/".
Odell Lee introduced our quest speaker.
Ken said a prayer of thanks and asked for guidance and blessings.
The pledge of Allegiance was given.
Odell gave an update on guest speakers and has the schedule filled till spring but asked if any one has ideas for future speakers please contact him.
George has been married a long time!
Collette's granddaughter had a birthday.
Ron celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary
John Brantingham.s brother and his family have recovered from the Covid-19 corona virus.
Lee Baggett is able to restart his business after a 7 month shut down due to covid-19 concerns. Happy Trails!  
Ken White is home and recovering from his recent surgery. 
Cathy Catchu had another birthday.
Mr. Puccirelli lead us in a Happy Birthday song for Cathy Catchu.
Bill also gave us a brief update on the upcoming election process.
Kat Stowell gave an update on ThankGiving and will keep us posted as plans are finalized.
Ed Harris reminded us of the upcoming District Conference with will be virtual this year on 11/5/20. There will be a $25.00 registration fee.
Speaker Danny Miller from the Deputy Sheriff's office gave us a very informative talk on homelessness in San Luis Opisbo County.
He apprised us of the difficulties of dealing with the problem's associated with this condition due to California laws.
We were informed about the resources available to the homeless population through Prado and with mental health experts.
It is a challenging issue that isn't going to be easily resolved.