Dear Members,

Thank you to all the members that participated in the "Stomp for Innovation" barbeque last Saturday night. We had a great showing of Rotarians and helped the Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation have a very successful fundraiser.

Our own member Paul Teixeira turned a little purple during the event and hopefully we will have a little footage of the "Stomp-off" to share with those of you that couldn't make the event.

Come join us this Wednesday morning at Blacklake and welcome Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary clubs current president Chris Hastert to the center stage. Chris will be our guest speaker and is the general manager of the Santa Maria public airport.

Chris has offered to book our two clubs a private flight to Vegas for an "after hours step-down party" next year in June.

It's too bad the plane only seats two people.....I wonder who he will take with him?

Come on Chris, we have time to find a bigger plane, don't we?

Anyway, back to business.

Also at our meeting on Wednesday, Ken Whittle will give us an update on this next Saturday's community Thanksgiving event which is sure to be a huge success.

The following Wednesday, November 21st, we will be meeting at the Cypress Ridge Pavilion.

There will be no program that day, but get ready to get your hands greasy again.

It's the annual Pismo Beach Police Officers Association Thanksgiving dinner and we have been once again honored with pulling apart 2800 lbs of turkeys for the event. That's right 2800 lbs!.

Directly after breakfast we will head to the Pismo Beach Veterans hall and start preparing the birds for dinner.

If you haven't had the fun of turkey pulling then you sure won't want to miss this event.

I hope to see you all this Wednesday!