To all Rotarians,


Wow what a ride it has been.

The Friends of Paul Teixeira put on a “simple” $10 Memorial BBQ and we end up with over 20k NET!

That is just awesome for something that was put together in less than 2 weeks.


Our Rotary club played a HUGE part in making this a success.

We all played a small part individually.

Together though, we made it BIG!


To everyone who bought tickets, sold tickets, worked on it, brought volunteers to the BBQ etc. etc.

Give yourself a big round of applause.

The interesting thing is that many times when others or myself thank people for helping with this event they say; NO, thank you for letting me be part of this!!!

Isn’t that cool…….


Below in red is what Deanna posted on Facebook


Where do I begin to thank everyone for all the love and support? To the BBQ crew - you are all amazing! What an impressive group you are! I love each of you so much. To everyone who bought a ticket or made a donation or just drove by to say hi, thank you!!! Our family is so appreciative and lucky to live in such a loving community. We know you all miss Paul too, and our love and thanks go out to you all for helping us through this very difficult time.
Deanna Teixeira and Family


Are we living in a great community or what!!!!!


See you all on Wednesday


Cees Dobbe

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