Hello all you wonderful Nipomo Rotarians!

What a great kick off to a new Rotary year we had on the 4th of July! Thank you all for attending my first meeting, all I can say is WOW, that was a fun! I am looking forward to a great year as your new president.

I would like to give special thanks to Sean Sure for cooking up some great burgers and dogs, and all the rest of you for sharing your great side dishes. Boy we had some great food! This Rotary Club sure knows how to party!

My secret panel of judges has picked the winners for best patriotic dressed male and female candidates.
Their names will be announced at my first meeting at Blacklake on July 18th in a special presentation. Thank you all for showing off your Red-White and Blue!

I have two announcements for the upcoming week.

My first board meeting will be next Monday, July 9th at 5:30. It will be at my house and there will be food and drinks for all so please let me know if you plan on attending.

Next Wednesday we will have another offsite meeting. We will be meeting at the Santa Barbara County fairgrounds and our speaker / tour guide will be David Wright. He will give us some fair history and a tour of the fairgrounds. Wear your cowboy boots and maybe I can arrange for you to ride a steer or a goat. Just kidding...

There is one simple rule to get FREE parking and Free admission into the fairgrounds.

You MUST wear you blue Rotary jacket, it's that simple. That is your ticket in. Let's see how many Rotarian's can remember that rule. If you forget to wear your jacket it will cost you 5.00 to park and 1.00 admission plus a HUGE fine following week. Show off your Rotary blue and wear your jacket!!!!

I will send out the parking and meeting details in another email on Monday because I am simply tired of typing and I'm sure you are tired of reading this letter. Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Your President
Mike Streator