President Elect 2020-21, Ed Harris, met today virtually with his incoming board to discuss goals for next year.  Ed commenced with introductions and acknowledgement of President Kelly Ricker’s accomplishments this year.  Thank you Kelly for all you’ve done!  
Next topic was how does Rotary look next year in light of COVID-19.  We spent some time specifically discussing what meetings look like........virtual, in person, both.  While its reasonable to assume we will be meeting virtually for the next couple of months, our club needs to be planning for in person meetings in the near future.  Check back here on Tuesday to read a really interesting document written by Rotarian, Chas Wilson, that can be used as a road map for resuming in person Rotary meetings.  As a preview to this, one of the actions is to get club member input on in person meetings, which Ed will be doing soon.  
Stay health all!