It looks like the weather is going to be great on Sunday so if you have any friends that would like to get off the couch for a couple hours and enjoy a nice BBQ while supporting a great cause, send them an invite!
One thing to note:
Some of the stops don't open early on Sunday so with registration being from 9 - 10, there is no rush it get out of the gates.  Remember it's not a race....It's a poker game.
1st card draw: Dana Adobe 
2nd card draw: Santa Maria Brewing / Colette & Lou  (Opens at 10:00 am) 
3rd card draw: Rooney's Irish Pub / Bill P. (Open's at 11:30 but Bill will be there by 10:00)
4th card draw: Presqu'ille Winery / Cees D. (Opens at 11:00, we hope Cees can find it!)
5th card draw: Nipomo Men's Club / Ron
BBQ at 1PM
Last hand in by 1:30
Winner announced at 2pm
Come join the fun!