Today’s virtual meeting was opened by President, Kelly Ricker with many of our members attending.   Our speaker, Kelly L. Swann was our only guest that you’ll see more about below. 
Our Moment in History was presented by Roger Ridley naming numerous milestone events that took place on this day from as early as 1500.   A few of those events were:  1823 – R.J. Tyers patents the roller skate, 1864 – the words “In God We Trust” were engraved on our 2-cent coin, 1914 – Babe Ruth makes his debut with the Boston Red Sox and in 1981 – Fernando Valenzuela pitches a shutout.  Roger always brings to light interesting historical events.  Thanks Roger!
Ed Harris informed us of some of the meaningful things Rotary International is doing during the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis.  One of the areas is working with the infrastructure of the Global Polio Eradication Network, and Partners, to stop Covid-19.  Many volunteers from countries throughout the world are participating.  Thanks Ed! 
Our speaker, Kelly L. Swann is a cartoonist and long-time friend of President, Kelly Ricker.  Kelly Swann’s presentation included stories of her grandparents who inspired her interest in history.  She loves to share history through her cartoons and as you will see in the link below, she is quite talented at it.  One of the many highlights she shared with us was a project that joined veterans with cartoonists to share their stories.  What an honor to our veterans and you can see it for yourself right here: 
Kelly was interesting and most passionate about what she does.  And, I would say, she does it so very good.  Thank you, Kelly, for joining our meeting and sharing with us!