Our speaker today was Harry Walls, our club’s Director of International Service.  One of the projects that Harry spearheaded on behalf of our club was Operation Footprint.  Our club donated $2,000 to this worthy cause.  This is a project that has a direct positive impact on the quality of life for children throughout the world.  In January, Harry visited Honduras with 4 other Rotarians from other clubs, experienced this process first hand and shared with us today what he observed.   
Operation Footprint, provides medical professionals, training to local medical professionals, medical equipment, and supplies needed to diagnose and treat children who were born with a clubfoot deformity. A clubfoot prevents children from participating in educational, family and normal childhood activities.  Most often these children are made fun of or shunned by others in their community. 
Harry shared what he observed during his visit, including an actual surgery.  He said, “the surgeries were spectacular to witness and our money was well spent.”  Sixteen surgeries were preformed on this trip although, the need is far greater.  Most of the surgeries were performed on young children from 1 – 3 years old with one patient being 18 years old.   Pause for a moment and imagine how this could change a life……………………
Thank you, Harry, for your passion and time in leading our club to this impactful program.  Makes me proud to be a Rotarian!