Rotary of Nipomo had their regular Wednesday morning meeting September 2, 2020 via Zoom.
President Ed Harris presided over this his 9th meeting of his term.
John Brantingham reminded us.."While all power corrupts-absolute power is kinda neat"
Ken Shadle asked for God's blessings.
Cees Dobbs lead us in the pledge of allegiance.
Roger Ridley gave us"Our moment in History".
Apparently a lot happened on this day.
Just a few: America had its first bank robbery in1798.
1864 Tecumseh captured Atlanta from the traitorous folks trying to destroy the United States of America.
1931 Bing Crosby made his radio debut..
1940 was the establishment of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
1945 VJ Day
"Rotary Moment"by Bill Pucurelli
Bill talked about the history of the Rotary Motto.
Waltor Con bragged about his birthday.
Judy reminded us that the 5th Wednesday Social will be in Arroyo Grande September 30 at Rooster Creek at 5pm.
Ice cream at Doc Bernsteins to follow.
The Election this year will take place over 4 days with mail in ballots.
We will not have polling places. They will be known as Voting Service Centers. Open to any registered voter in the county to conduct business.
Social distancing and safety precautions will be observed. Help is needed.
Rotary of Nipomo donated over $2000.00 to the Food Basket.
Currently a food drive is in progress this week at the Monarch Activities Center located in Trilogy. Donations are needed.
Guest speaker was Howard Berg.
What a fascinating talk on his work in teaching Speed Reading, Comprehension, Memory and Math.
For more information please go to any of the following:
(214) 952-9150
His work encompasses Wounded Warrior Project and advancing the learning skills of students.