The Nipomo Rotary Club has now increased its Internet presence.
Fulfilling our number one goal this year of implementing new technology to meet the needs of the Nipomo Rotary Club, we are leading the way on California's Central Coast in our Internet Presence.  I've added three new links to the left hand side bar under Club Links.  They are links to

1. Nipomo Rotary's Twitter Feed,
2. Nipomo Rotary's Facebook Page,
3. Nipomo Rotary's Blog.
4. Nipomo Rotary's Photo Collection

If you are on Facebook, and you have not already signed up to be a fan of the Nipomo Rotary Facebook page, please click on the link number 3 above, and click on the like button. 

I will try to update them as often as I have time with information from the Narrator as well as our meetings and other announcements.  If you have Rotary content you would like to include, please email me

Thanks for your support.