By 1pm and 90 plus degrees the lunch tables boards were replaced, the tetherball was welded. Mike Streators dad Jack showed up and helped with the welding. Mike, thank you for loading and bringing out the welder and doing the job working off the ladder in the front of the school while the rest of the crew was in the back. The lunch tables boards were replaced by a crew that included members with Valley Fever, one with a bad back and another who dangerously overheated, all of whom had other things to do that day. Jim Harrison provided some of the boards, Lucia Mar provided the rest plus the paint. Thank you to Mike E. and Jim for routing, priming and painting the boards ahead of time. The Principal Brett Gimlin was there the entire day and worked very hard to improve the things for the kids at the school. A big thank you to Mike Eisner, Jim Harrision, Mike Streator and Jack, Lou Gomez, Jerry Arseneau, and Doug Marohn for quite a day. Ingmar Lauringson Rotary Club of Nipomo