As of today, we have collected 32 Taste of Italy tickets out of 100 tickets assigned to the Rotary.  That means only 68 more to be turned in from our club members.  We are definitely getting there . . . but we also have only 20 days before the big event!!!

I've heard from several of you that your tickets have been committed to be sold and you are just pending the collection of the money.  Thank you for your efforts!


For those that have not communicated to your team captains or to me, please let me know if:  1)  You are having trouble selling  or 2)  You are still working on it and confident you'll have them sold before the event.  Now is the time for us to help each other get these tickets SOLD!!! 


We also need Auction Items . . . so Judy and I will be contacting you directly for help!!!  Again, thank you to those members that have already obtained an auction item for the event!


There you go . . . that's my Rah, Rah speech!!  Looking forward to seeing more tickets turned in on Wednesday!!!  Go Team Rotary! 


Cathy F. Cachu
Rotary Club of Nipomo