Meeting #5 of President Ed Harris took place on August 5, 2020
Last week in lieu of a Zoom meeting members met at 3 different locations for a socially distant Happy Hour. It seemed to be enjoyed by all who participated .
John introduced our president with his usual and much appreciated humor.
Prayer was lead by Ken Shadle
Jerry lead us in the Pledge of our Alegiance to our flag.
Roger Ridley gave us our "Moment in History"
Regaling us with historical facts from 1763 unto 1981.
Judy bragged about her new car.
Odell bragged about his son making the 1/4 finals in a screen play competition.
John Brantingham had something to brag about. 51 years of marriage and apparently to the same person!
Kelly Rickert celebrated another successful trip around the sun.
Walter Con joined the club. The Medicare club.
Ceese spoke of his adventures as a traveling 18 year old.
Kat Stowell has a daughter who just celebrated her 36 year birthday & she and Rudy observed their 24 year wedding anniversary.
George bragged about his move from Rhode Island to take up esidence here in Nipomo 9 years ago.
Jim Harrison bragged about his step daughters birthday.
It seems John's brag was the most lucrative and that fact earned him a brand new face mask!
We all sang Happy Birthday to Kelly.
Lee Carrol gave a very nice introduction to this weeks guest speaker:
Deb Linden our very own District Governor.
Her inspiring motivational talk had us question life in Nipomo with out a Rotary Club.
in addition she had us cover such topics as:
(1) The Rotary Foundation
(2) Learning to adapt to change. She remarked that resisting change was akin to holding ones breath. Even if successful it doesn't end well.
(3) Grow Rotary and the need to reverse the decline in membership. We heard about the new public service ads.
(4) Polio Jeopardy a light hearted approach to a serious subject.
(5)New area of focus is Supporting the Environment.
(6) News of the upcoming Virtual Conference in November.
       Call to Action
       Be Creative
       Be Kind
To end her talk she shared an important sentiment from Mother Teresa:
"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." 
George Dubois was awarded a certificate for his hard work and  dedication.
Ron Willis earned a Paul Harris award.
Passport Clubs are an alternate model of club for those who wish to serve but regular meetings don't fit their time or budget.
 Rotary Club Meeting ended and was immediately followed by a board meeting.