Ladies and Gents!!
Did anyone else feel like last week flew by!?
  1. We learned about a nice fact on Rotary, for our Minutes of Rotary.
  1. We featured one great member: Bill Bettencourt, who shared part of his life story! Where he was raised, how he got into the educational field, how he coached his Junior College Football team to ending up being #1 Ranked in the Nation!! 
  1. The Social Media Minutes helped make us more aware.
  1. We had some great Brags for Serving Humanity! We also got the chance to celebrate Judy Henbury’s birthday!  
  1. Club Announcements/Upcoming events-
Mar 29                  OFFSITE meeting at Nipomo High School- Nu!!!! - Robotics Program
Apr 1                     District Assembly- Oxnard
Apr 5                     20th Anniversary Dinner Event- Blacklake GC Clubhouse (No meeting in the Morning!!)
Apr 8                     Kids Day in the Park- Cooking for the kids
Apr 15                   Beach Cleanup
Apr 18                   Board Meeting
Apr 19                   Service Member Awards Night (No meeting in the Morning!!)
May 12                 Annual Golf Tournament!!!! Our biggest fundraiser of the year!!
May 24                 Paul Harris Awards Banquet Dinner
June 23                 Year End Step Down Party
  1. Then we had two great speakers, Dan Dow and Ian Parkinson, who are always generous in giving their time to our group!! Always thank them, when you see them in public for their service.
  1. We also kicked butt on Friday night against the Interact Kids!!!!  I would bet money we beat them!!!!
Congrats to the Rotary Club of Nipomo, champions of bowling!!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!!
Jeremy Moreno, AAI
Vice President, Risk Advisor