Our Rotary meeting started on time and with no known technical glitches.
This was the 3rd meeting for President Ed Harris.
John started us off with an amusing introduction and
Ken Shadle lead us in prayer.
Harry lead us with our Pledge of Allegiance.
Roger (play ball!) Ridley gave us "our Moment in History".
He started with the Christian Crusades in 1099 cruised through history with such interesting facts about baseball history, the establishment of Boeing Aircraft, the creation of penicillin and all the way to 1971 when President Nixon announced his historic planned visit to China.
July 15 was indeed a very busy day in history.
Bill Puccirelli presented the "Rotary Moment" by giving us the history and meaning of the Rotary Flag.
Created in Kansas City Missouri in 1915. He shared how the flag made its way to the South Pole with Admiral Bird in 1922!
Harry bragged about his most recent birthday.
Lou bragged about her only daughters 51st birthday.
Jim Harrison reminded us that help is not only welcomed but needed for the Food Program.
Tuesday at Dana Elementary School
Wednesday at Nipomo High School
Both days are 11am-1pm
Lifting required!
President Harris ask us to be on the look out for an upcoming survey concerning meetings.
It was announced that it was Peer Verheis birthday.
Guest Speaker Thomas Kessler from the SLO History Center 696 Monterey Street SLO
gave a talk on the history of the Dalidet family and their influence on the development of San Luis Obispo.
Pierre Dalidet born in France in 1820 and after serving in the Military made his way to the California gold fields.
Having tried his hand at that he decided to move to Mexico but ended up in SLO.
He and his wife had 9 children of which seven lived past childhood.
Like many families there were complex relationships and eventually some estrangement. I guess that can happen when one brother shoots another. ( I bet Thanksgiving was awkward that year!) Juan after shooting his brother Edo and being acquitted moved to Mexico, married had a family and became quite successful in the silver mining industry. The family is still in that region. The other siblings never had children and the last heir of the Dalidet Adobe willed the property to the History society.
Thomas reminded us early on in his presentation that the PAST MATTERS. Much of the same goals, struggles and motivations of our ancestors relate to our own in this age.
The meeting ended with a Rotary face mask being presented to Harry Walls. I guess Harry's wife will be up to the task of making him a shirt in matching fabric!