Good morning Ladies and Gents!!
Wow!!! What a great meeting this morning!!  To think of all of the great ideas we came up with this morning, as we try to reach with our power as the Rotary Club of Nipomo!!! 
  1. We learned about a little history of Rotary and the Rose Parade, for our Minutes of Rotary.
  1. We featured one great member: Mario Iglesias (not to be confused with Julio Iglesias), as he shared some of his past history on how he ended up from the antique furniture business to the wonderful world of Water! He also shared his experiences in being in a family band (Ask him to play the Trumpet!).  Always interesting to learn the different backgrounds we come from in our club. 
  1. The Social Media Minute was covered to share the new additions to the club this morning!  Congratulations and welcome to the club.  We inducted our two new members (former Rotarians in another part of the country): Ed Harris and Peter Verhage.  It was definitely a privilege to be able to start the year off with two studious additions to the club!  We know you will be there for all of us, as we will be there for you!
  1. We had some great Brags for Serving Humanity!  Some great holiday pastimes and Mary Mylan’s Birthday (The big 3-0)! 
  1. Club Announcements/Upcoming events-
  • Board Meeting @ The Chamber Office. January 17, 2017, 5:30pm. 
  • Interact Club Program (meeting time).  January 25, 2017.
  1. Then we collaboratively had an awesome brainstorming session on two different topics in groups (tables)!!!  The two topics were the following:
  1. ideas for different community outreach opportunities that we may be missing (Top ideas derived):
  • Open House at the Gazebo (Rotary Displays, giving to the community)
  • Mailer about Rotary
  • Combined Chamber Mixers
  • Movie in the Park (Rotary Hosted at the Gazebo)
  • Electronic Bulletin Board (Rotary bannered, Solar Powered)
  • Educational Booth on Rotary (At local events- Oktoberfest)
  • Nipomo High School Relationship (More representation and presence)
  • Seniors in Need (The local center or other places we can touch seniors within the community)
  • Veterans in need (locally)
  1. Started listing out prospective members for the Rotary Club of Nipomo, and we came up with over 25 specific names or organizations locally, that could potentially have representation with our club.  This is the contest, Anyone that brings a prospective member, the guest and the member’s breakfast is on the club for the entire month of January!!!!
Have a great week!!!
Jeremy Moreno, AAI
Vice President, Risk Advisor