Fellow Rotarians,

Here is an update on next Saturdays BBQ for Wilshire Hospice in San Simeon.
We have a total of 26 volunteers on our team this year! Fantastic!
If by chance you did not sign up, it's not too late. Let me know by tomorrow evening and I'll add your name to the list so they will let you in the gate.
This year anyone that wants to join the morning crew for breakfast, we will be meeting at The Mayors Place in Nipomo at 7:00 am this Saturday. 
After breakfast the BBQ cooks will head up and anyone else that would like to join in is welcome.
Food service is to begin at 2:15 so servers should be there by 1:30.
The cleanup crew is needed by 3:00.
Below is a list of this years helpers, thank you all in advance!
Jim Anderson - Chicken
Richard Dale - Meat 
Bill Pucciarelli - Bread and Sausage 
Jim Harrison - Beans
Ingmar Lauringson -  Meat Slicer
Jerry Arseneau - Salad 
Judy Henbury - Kitchen and Serving Crew Leader
Harry Walls - Cleanup 
Barry Dunahoo
Julie Dunahoo
Howard Hess
Cheri Hess
Lynn Compton
Cees Dobbe
Ilona Dobbe
Rodger Ridley
Chris Ridley
Kat Stowell
Lou Gomez
Colette Hyder
Ken Whittle
Sean Schuur
Socorro Simons
Jeremy Moreno
Tara Gross