Good afternoon Ladies and Gents!!
What an awesome speaker this morning!!  To think of the powerful network we have at the Rotary Club of Nipomo!!! 
  1. We learned about a nice fact on Rotary, for our Minutes of Rotary.
  1. We featured one great member: Sean Schuur, who really enlightened us with the importance of our loved ones and how much they had been there for him, and now the tables have turned and he is being there for his mother.  I am sure all of us can relate, and we definitely appreciate the stories everyone has to share.  Sean had some very heart felt moments, and I know I felt like I was literally there with him.
  1. The Social Media Minute mentioned that at times it is ok to ‘BE QUIET!’.  (Cees still hasn’t said anything….)
  1. We had some great Brags for Serving Humanity! We also forgot to sing….but we can do that next week! 
  1. Club Announcements/Upcoming events-
Feb 9               5:30-7:30pm Chamber of Commerce mixer (C of C)
Feb 11             7:00-11 am  Kiwanis? pancake breakfast  (Oceano train station)
Feb 14             5:30-7:00 pm  Board Meeting
Feb 16             5:30 -8:00 PCPA show at Alan Hancock for Dana Adobe
Feb 17             11 -2:00 pm Coast Hills BBQ in Von's parking lot
Feb 21              5:30-7pm Board Meeting (Nipomo Chamber Office)
Feb 23              1-6 pm Blood Drive in Miners' parking lot
Feb 25              all day President-Elect's birthday
Feb 26              7:00 - 8:30am  Tefft street weeding
Mar 1                5:30 - 8:00pm Burton House Grill meeting  (DARK THE MORNING OF)
Mar 13              5:30-Sun Comes Up.  Cees’ Birthday party. Penthouse, Dolphin Bay.
Mar 24              5:30-8:30 Bowling with Interact
  1. Then we had an awesome speaker, Michael Bradley, CEO of the Mid State Fair and Paso Robles Event Center.   He spoke on the upcoming projects, growth of the mid state fairgrounds, and many other additional upgrades they will be doing in the near future. Thank you Judy for getting the guest speaker!  I think he will be pleased with the Mug and Cheesecake!!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!!
Jeremy Moreno, AAI
Vice President, Risk Advisor