Good afternoon Ladies and Gents!!
What a great meeting yesterday!!  Who else is ready to drive around the intoxicated kids of Cal Poly?!!! 
  1. We learned about a nice fact on Rotary, for our Minutes of Rotary.
  1. We featured one great member: Ed Harris, who really shared his professional background on what he did for a career path, and what led him to our community.  I can tell you, Ed has truly been a great addition to our club!  I am so appreciative of every one of our members, and will always brag that our club has some of the best Rotarians in the world!!!
  1. The Social Media Minute was to share our Blood Drive today!!!!
  1. We had some great Brags for Serving Humanity! We also got to sing for Dr. REVEREND KEN SHADLE! 
  1. Club Announcements/Upcoming events-
Feb 23                   1-6 pm Blood Drive in Miners' parking lot
Feb 25                   Thompson Road Cleanup-8am.  Also, our President-Elect's birthday!!!
Feb 27                   First Golf Tournament Planning Meeting (Cees’ house)
Mar 1                    Social Outing to Burton House (No meeting in the Morning!!)
Mar 5                    7:00 - 8:30am  Tefft street weeding
Mar 13                  5:30-Sun Comes Up.  Cees’ Birthday party. Penthouse, Dolphin Bay.
Mar 24                  5:30-8:30 Bowling with Interact
Mar 29                  Offsite meeting at Nipomo High School- Robotics Program
Apr 1                     District Assembly- Oxnard
Apr 5                     20th Anniversary Dinner Event (No meeting in the Morning!!)
Apr 15                   Beach Cleanup
Apr 19                   Service Member Awards Night (No meeting in the Morning!!)
May 12                 Annual Golf Tournament!!!! Our biggest fundraiser of the year!!
May 24                 Paul Harris Awards Banquet Dinner
June 23                 Year End Step Down Party
  1. Then we had a great speaker on ‘Uber Cab Confessions’!! Thank Jerry, if you ever get a chance to speak with the 50 year tech industry specialist, now turned Uber driver.
I hope everyone has a great week!!!
Jeremy Moreno, AAI
Vice President, Risk Advisor