Posted by Kathleen Stowell
Happy February!!
Sorry I didn't post anything last month. Most of you know that my husband and I are in the middle of construction on building our new business. Our target opening day is set for March 3rd. Please keep your fingers crossed. 
As my time as being your President is getting shorter I wanted to Thank all of you for your support. Our next big fundraiser is coming up on May 11 and I'm so happy that Cees has taken this roll on and is truly making sure we have all the tools to make this tournament one to remember. Cees is making sure that all documents and emails are secured in Rotary's Google Drive. Access to these files are a fingertip away. Being organized is key on being successful. This is a club effort though, so please help where needed. Bring in Tee sponsors and wine or craft beer for the giveaway. If everyone does their part, this may be the biggest tournament in past years.
Thank all of you who have come up to me to tell me that I'm doing a good job. It means the most to me to hear it from you. I know I have made a few mistakes but no one is perfect. If you feel I need some improvement, I would love to hear that too. Our next meeting will be a fun one with our "Not so Compatible Game". Yes it's usually the "Not so New Newlywed Game" but next week it has more of a twist. Let's see how well our members know each other.
In closing, I understand that some of you have not enjoyed the meals a Black Lake. This last evening meeting the food was delicious. They have hired a new chief and is willing to take suggestions and so I'm hoping that you will try and make our next evening meeting. 
Your Pres,