Over the past six weeks I have felt that this position might be too hard for me. I'm not like my husband to make people laugh but today I believe we have turned that corner by bringing the wheel back. For the first time in a long time there was lots of laughter and that made me feel really good. I have taken the suggestions of others and appreciate you helping me find what works. 
This month we are celebrating 3 Birthdays, Kelly, Al and Ed's. Many wishes to you all. Congrats to Santa Maria Rotaract for being Chartered and Thank you for attending our meeting. It was a pleasure having you.  This Sunday the 13th we are having a family picnic at Cees and Ilona's home and I would like to say Thank you in advance for being our host. I love all of us getting together outside of our meetings and volunteer work and just socializing. Another outing is on Friday down in Solvang at the PCPA to see Newbies. I know we will all have a great time. 
Congratulations to Mario and Bruce for receiving their blue badges. Mario stated he was a little slow on getting his but very thorough. That's what we like about you Mario! Enjoy the photos for this month so far and check back to catch the rest later.