Last nights Public Service Awards Banquet was another huge success!
It is not often enough that we get to say "thank you" to the first responders that play such an important part in keeping our community safe.
Special thanks to Barry Dunahoo and Paul Teixiera for making all the arraignments with the different agency's, making the plaques, and doing a great job presenting them to the recipients.
And thank you Ken Shadle for a very inspirational invocation.
Also a big thank you to Judy Henbury for arranging a great dinner!

Last Saturday we also had 2, (that's right 2!), barbeques going on at the same time.
Richard Dale headed up a prostate cancer fundraiser BBQ in Santa Maria along with Bill Pucciarelli and Ken Whittle helping him cook the 180 chicken half's. Rumor has it it was the best darn chicken in the county! Great job guys!

Also we had a full crew at the Edward's Barn making our favorite Tri-Tip Sandwiches for the visitors of the Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association event. Richard Simons did a fantastic job cooking the meat and all of our assembly team and sales team worked great together to make a work day fun! Of course I can't forget to thank Cathy Cachu for bringing the donuts! Also thanks to Cees for those wonderful strawberries! I don't know what he waters them with but they sure are sweet!
Thanks to all of you that participated! 

The proceeds from this event will go to Rotary's continued effort to eradicate Polio. We will be making a 1200.00 contribution toward the cause! Great job! 
Additionally from the proceeds, our club donates 500.00 back to CCGGA in which they award a scholarships in our Rotary clubs name. What a win win event this is!

Lastly, thank you to Judy Henbury for making all the arrangements last week for our fellowship trip to the Melodrama. It was a lot of fun and a great play! Thank you Judy!!!

We serve our community and have a lot of fun doing it, this is why we are truly a GREAT Rotary club!
Keep up the good work Rotarians!