Hello Rotarians,

What a great day!

I would like to thank all the members who showed up at the fairgrounds this morning for my second meeting.
It's always nice to get a glimpse of where our clubs hard earned money is going and I think we all agree that supporting our local youth at the fair is a great way of doing so. The kids work hard raising their animals and earn every penny they make off the auction.

Special thanks to Judy Henbury for some great donuts, coffee and juice. Now that's what I call a breakfast of champions!!!! Thanks Judy!!!

Dave Wright did a great job telling us about the fair, it's history, and plans for the future. You won't find a nicer gentleman than Dave.

The fair CEO, Dennis Pearson was even there to give the new Rotary president (me) a little grief for the short 72hr notice of our meeting.
I thought being a fair sponsor should have a little pull but I guess next year when they call me for my contribution I'll need an additional 72hrs to make up my mind! Ha! Now this is fun!

Thank you to Dennis for getting us free parking and admission.

I would like to say you all looked good in your jackets!

There was some rattling in the crowd by the three "J's" (Jim Anderson, Jim Harrison & James Mills) about how I resembled Jorge
the goat. Cees quickly fined them 5.00 each and they abruptly quieted down. Good job Cees. This could be a long year for the three J's.

Jim Harrison indicated early on that he wanted to buy the fine free badge for the month of July but was quickly outbid by Ken Whittle for 55.00. Good job Ken! Oh, I mean sorry Jim, don't be such a tight wad and you could have owned it! That goat comment might haunt you Jim. Ha!

Now back to business. This Saturday night we are barbequing for the AGHS 20 year class reunion. Bill Pucciarelli is heading it up and does need some more help! Please call him for details. 264-4033.

Next week we are back at Blacklake so bring your smiles and wallets. Cees will be wearing his new hat!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Your President