Last night the golf battle between Cathy and Peggy took place at Monarch Dunes.
It was more like a game of chess than golf. 
Every time Cathy would make a move Peggy would counter attack. 
The cat and mouse game went on for nearly three hours.
The restless crowd sat on the patio deck waiting (and drinking) to see who would emerge as the Rotary Women's Golf Champ.

The end result of the battle between Cathy and Peggy was a two stroke victory by long ball hitter Cathy Cachu.

It was not an easy victory for Cathy,  Peggy gave her a run for the money all the way to the last hole.

Congratulations to both of you for a battle that will long go down in history.

I'm sure Cathy will be bragging next week.....

On another note.

Be sure to attend next weeks meeting. It will be one to remember.
Paul Teixeira repeatedly fined Judy Henbury this past week and next week guess who will be President....Judy. I hope Paul wears a suit of armor and calls out for a missile defense system backup because Judy is coming at him with both barrels loaded! Paul better head to the ATM machine because he is going to need it.

Everyone have a great weekend!