May 12, 2021
Rob Miller, GM & Sam Saltoun, Board Member
Woodlands Mutual Water Company

Rob is one of five Principals responsible for corporate management of Wallace Group. He serves as the Principal-in-Charge for the Water Resources Department, which focuses on water and wastewater engineering projects and services. With over 25 years of experience with Wallace Group, he has built an impressive background in the field of water management. 


Rob’s primary focus areas include private water and wastewater utility management, water resources infrastructure engineering, groundwater basin management, and wastewater recycling.  Key engagements in these focus areas are summarized below:


Private Water and Wastewater Utility Management

Rob began managing private utilities over 20 years ago, and he has provided services to over 50 mutual water companies throughout California.  Since 2015, he has served as the consulting General Manager of the Rancho Mission Viejo Mutual Water Company, with a focus on non-potable irrigation supply.  He has also served in a similar capacity for the 1,100-customer Woodlands Mutual Water Company since 2005, with broad responsibilities for potable water, wastewater treatment, and recycled water management.  Rob continues to consult with various private utilities on water supplies, rate studies, and management strategies. 


Water Resources Infrastructure Engineering

While continuing his utility management practice, Rob remains involved in the preparation of engineering studies and infrastructure design, with a focus on groundwater supply and treatment, recycled water production, and various conveyance systems.  Rob has been involved with infrastructure projects in many roles, including planner, design engineer, licensed contractor, and contract operations manager.  


Groundwater Basin Management

For the past 10 years, Rob has served in a key management role for several adjudicated groundwater basins, including chairing the Nipomo Mesa Management Area Technical Group and serving as the Executive Director for the Los Osos Groundwater Basin Management Committee.  


Wastewater Recycling

One area of technical depth for Rob is the production of recycled water for various municipal and industrial processes.  Rob has designed numerous treatment facilities, and he is well known within the wine industry for his unique expertise in winery process wastewater planning, engineering, and management.  He continues to serve various agricultural entities in the area of water resources and recycled water application.