The Economics of Autonomous vehicles
Mar 24, 2021
Jon Haveman, PhD - Nat'l Economic Education Deleg
The Economics of Autonomous vehicles

Jon Haveman is the Executive Director of the National

Economic Education Delegation (NEED). He is a noted

California economist, where he has been practicing

since 2001. He has a reputation for providing audiences

with edible economic information that is readily useful

in their work and private lives.

Prior to starting NEED, Jon was a principal at Marin

Economic Consulting, a founding principal at Beacon

Economics and the Director of the Economy Program at

the Public Policy Institute of California. He has been a

Senior Economist with the President's Council of

Economic Advisers, an Economist with the Federal Trade

Commission, and held a faculty position in the Business

School at Purdue University.

Dr. Haveman an expert on economic policy issues and speaks regularly at events across

California. His more than 400 talks have covered a wide range of policy topics as well as

addressing the state of the U.S., California, and Bay Area economies.

Dr. Haveman holds a Ph.D and Master of Science in Economics from The University of

Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Wisconsin.